8x8 oil on canvas

Sundance is wondering when you are coming home ...
and he seriously doubts you remembered to bring him a doggy bag.

This is my first submission to James Parker's windows to the words art blog. 



5x7 oil on panel

This is Leonard. Leonard is tired and could use a hug.

Leonard is my latest submission to different strokes from different folks.



5x7 oil on panel

Ro. is my latest submission to DSFDF and I have LOTS to say about this painting. :)
Beach/Figurative = my favorite. 

People are HARD to paint.  HARD I tell 'ya. One wrong move and people will think you are trying to be Picasso...
Paintings look better in personThe colors are much softer and richer in real life. As hard as I tried, this photograph does not do this painting justice... In my opinion, canvas photographs better than panel.
I also had the hardest time naming this painting... So, yo. It's Ro.

She is actually rowing in Lake Michigan, but she could just as easily be a lifeguard here in Delray Beach in her red "Baywatch" bathing suit and her little "I'm watching you" rowboat.
The colors for this piece were inspired by my WIP still life of a bag of chips. (see below) I LOVE THIS COLOR COMBO:  Grey green, naples yellow, cadmium yellow, red and violet. (For Ro. I also used a little cerulean blue).  And of course I add salt and payne's gray pepper to every painting. 

Great job to everyone who submitted artwork for this challenge. You are a very talented bunch and I am honored to be associated with you all.