"kittery coast"

6x8 oil on panel

It's good to try new things. 

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"girl with the smile"

Painting by Delilah Smith

So I found out Ida Noe is actually the talented Delilah Smith. 
...and I am the Girl with the Smile. :)

you can find out more about Delilah and this painting HERE.

painted as a portrait swap for the blog 


Ida Noe"

8x8 oil on panel

knock knock.
who's there?
Ida Noe.
Ida Noe who?
Ida Noe who either--was hoping you could tell me. 

:)  this is my submission for the latest challenge from 
Each artist was sent a picture of another "mystery" artist to paint.  


"Third Tri"

9x12 oil on panel

if at first you don't succeed...
 tri tri again.

painted on commission.



8x8 oil on canvas

Dante was a regal Akita. A real gentle giant...
painted on commission.

For more information on Akita rescue please click here.