12 x 12 oil on canvas

sebastian has been hanging around my studio for a LONG time... i got the underpainting finished and then just let him sit there - abandoned - for many many months while i painted other things.  he sat there patiently and lovingly while other pieces came and went wondering if i would ever pick him up again.

 and i wasn't sure if i ever would either... to be quite honest, i have been inspired lately to make a bit of a departure from my usual work and try something totally different.  so in comes this big canvas and needless to say, it is now garnering all of the artist's attention.

and then something happened. i was preparing to paint the other day and for some reason i looked over and saw sweet sebastian just sitting there and i started staring at him. i mean really looking at him. 

 ...and then i picked him up. 

he actually looks even better in person and i hope he's not too disappointed he had to wait so long. :)



8 x 8 oil on canvas

it's ben... again.

 ben is a beautiful, blind, brave akita.
this painting is for my friend greg who adopted him.

i've said it once and i'll say it again...
 people who rescue animals are awesome.

 for more information on akita rescue please click here for the link to akita rescue of western new york. 


my first book.

 ...and it was just chosen as a "staff pick" on

this feels REALLY good. :)

(click on the book above for a preview)