"take out"

 -art print on matte paper-

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"suggestion box"

i love the idea of a suggestion box... 
it's a wonderful gathering of ideas and a great way to find out exactly what people think. people's suggestions could lead to more doors opening and bigger pay-offs. 

which brings me to my pondering as of late... the "here's what you should paint" suggestion box. i love when people offer suggestions about what i should paint. i love that they are interested. i love that their creative juices are flowing and i love that they feel a connection enough to offer up a suggestion.

i hear and love every valuable input, but here's the deal...  for every person there is a completely different suggestion.  one thinks i should paint only animals, another thinks i should go more painterly and abstract, another thinks i should target the market and only paint only what people would "buy".

what i've really noticed is that most people tend to offer up suggestions that lean towards their artistic aesthetic. my best friend loves hearts so she wants me to paint more hearts... you get the idea. 

you know that old saying 'you can't please all the people all the time?'
well it's true, and if you try you will end up driving yourself crazy.

i made the decision a long time ago to lovingly mull over everybody's suggestions but ultimately please myself as an artist. creativity flows from inspiration. i have a vision. i have an artistic voice. it's mine and mine alone and my greatest fulfillment comes when i stay true to it.

but don't get me wrong... i would never want the people in my life to stop making suggestions. because you never know... that suggestion to paint a heart could ignite the spark that leads to my greatest masterpiece. :)

for brooke. happy birthday!