"the day before mother's day"

on the day before mother's day my mother suddenly passed away.
it was a shock and completely unexpected.

it was right before her 71st birthday and right before her and my father's 50th wedding anniversary. 

things have changed... i have changed.

these past few months have been hard but i am dealing with my grief and am embracing all the beautiful blessings i still have in my life. i am hugging my children a little tighter and saying i love you a little more. i am cherishing my relationships more and rejoicing in my wonderful memories. i am stopping to smell the roses and i am trying not to sweat the small stuff.  i am grateful for every moment i have been given... past, present and future.

the one thing i haven't been doing is painting...

  i know i will soon though.  inspiration will eventually return and creativity will come flooding back.  in time things will get back to normal... the "new" normal anyway.

until then i'll just keep taking things one day at a time. 

i love you mom.