8.5 x 8.5

this is a print from a floorcloth i painted...
you can buy the print here on etsy

the original canvas lies on my kitchen floor and is one of my favorite things. 
sometimes we paint stuff that we just have to keep for ourselves. :) 


welcome to the jungle


 and after

my latest mural
10x18 ft.
the home gym of the plath family



5 x 7 oil on panel

i was free styling one day from some old beach pictures...
it was not my intention, but when i finished the painting i realized the woman looked exactly like my grandmother. :)

her name was marie but my grandfather called her "monya" 

"calusa cafe"


 elementary school cafeteria
"calusa cafe"


"calusa cafe"

elementary school cafeteria mural

a working sketch of the huge mural project that i am working on this summer... 

"ninth pair"

36 x 48 

work in progress

every year, my youngest son gets a new pair of black chuck taylor's.
 he learned to walk in his first pair and he has been tearing them up ever since. :)

this is his ninth pair...