“Pink Flamingo” - WIP

A WIP is a “work in progress.” I have a lot of these paintings sitting around my studio, waiting for me to pick them up again.  A painting is built by adding several layers of paint and detail. Oils need time to dry between layers, and I  usually have to sit a piece aside while I am working on it so that it can dry.   Drying can often take up to a week or more, so you can pretty much guess I am off to another piece in the meantime.  I just started this painting of a pink flamingo and I am very excited about it because I have been wanting to paint it for a long time.   West Palm Beach has this really cool place called Lion Country Safari where you can ride around in your car and see all different kinds of exotic animals.  The boys and I love to go, and I always get some great pictures.  I have already decided that when this painting is finished, I will make it available for purchase as a giclee.

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