"Lucky 13"

In an attempt to figure out why the wonderful blogs I am following were not showing up on my profile page, I managed to somehow "follow" myself...  at the lucky 13th spot.  I have spent way too much time trying to undo this, so I am no longer going to try. :) 

(Apparently I have created two identities for myself and have been following my favorite blogs as "traciebrownart" and not as "tracie brown" manager of tracie brown art blog)? I'm still not sure...

Not only must one be able to paint, but one must be a computer expert as well...  laugh out loud - I do the best I can.  

Thanks to everyone currently following my blog and to all the wonderful people behind the scenes in my life who support me in my effort to follow my bliss...  rock on Lucky 13.


AutumnLeaves said...

You are so fortunate, Tracie, that you can follow your bliss. I keep trying but am wracked with self-doubt and a distinct lack of ability. But I keep on keepin' on, I guess. Wish I could help you figure that out, but without being able to sit in front of it, I'm not quite sharp enough to figure it out either! LOL I look forward to your next piece!

Tracie Brown said...

Thanks Sherry! I think you uncovered the plight of every artist. LOL! We ALL go through moments of self doubt and periods where we question our ability... that's a good thing, however, because it is also what drives us to get better. Keep up the great work!!