"Mile Marker #27"

My first solo art exhibit.

Learn to paint. check. paint a bunch of stuff. check. 
sell a painting. check. sell more paintings. check. 
be part of an art exhibit. check.

SOLO SHOW!! ...check. :)

If you are in the Delray Beach area come check it out. 
The exhibit is up now and runs through the end of November.


AutumnLeaves said...

Oh boy! Congratulations, Tracie! I so wish I could come to the exhibit! Alas, I am quite far from CA these days. I wish you much fun, and sweet success! I love your beach scenes!

Tracie Brown said...

Thank you Sherry!! Delray Beach is actually in South Florida-about 40 minutes north of Miami... Could you come now? ;) Hopefully this is the start of many good things to come... as always, I really appreciate all your kind comments!

AutumnLeaves said...

LOL Why do I hear beach and think CA?? I used to be halfway intelligent! LOLOLOL Alas, no, I'm still a tad far from FL too! I live in IL and much as I'd love to trip on down there, not quite an easy feat without money! Anyway, I still wish you sweet success!