"Rue du Macabre"

6x8 oil on panel

Rue du macabre is french for "spooky street".
My friend said it reminded him of a street in Paris...

Believe it or not, this is my first night painting.
 I have been wanting to paint a night scene for awhile now.
Thanks to James Parker and his blog windows to the words
I got my chance. :)

Another fun artist challenge. The subject was "scary stuff".


AutumnLeaves said...

So lovely, Tracie! I am not reminded of gay Paree, but some once fashionable street in the rich neighborhoods here in Illinois! LOL Love the streetlights and their glow!

James Parker said...

Absolutely spine-tingling, Tracie! Your marvelous painting is nestled snugly and linked on WTTW Art. Thanks so much for your participation.

Lauren Maurer said...

You did a great job on both of these challenges, Tracie!

Amanda Carder said...

Thanks, Tracie!!

I really like this, I have been wanting to do a night seen. Good job on this one!!

sharon said...

This is so well done! I really like the night colors and the atmosphere.