"dante deux"

8x8 oil on canvas

dog is god spelled backwards.

my second painting of dante.



6x8 oil on panel

I usually like to keep my posts short and sweet... 
but this time I just can't.  :)

the above painting is part of  collective 'thank you' to artist karin jurick for her tireless effort in hosting the blog different strokes from different folks.  118 artists who normally participate in karin's monthly challenges were asked to paint her portrait as a thank you gift.

personally, my gratitude runs very deeply as I have admired and have been inspired by karin's work for several years now... not to mention my appreciation for all the wonderful artists I have had the pleasure of discovering and getting to know since becoming a participant. because of this blog, I can proudly say there is nothing quite as extraordinary as the artist community.

unfortunately though I am not happy with this portrait. I am actually quite embarrassed.  karin is so much prettier than my painting and deserving of such a better homage than I was able to deliver.  perhaps I can blame it on the fact I am not a portrait artist or perhaps I can blame it on the self imposed pressure I felt painting an artist I so admire... but the bottom line is I could have and should have done better. 

but the sentiment remains the same.
thank you so much karin. 

"paint on."

coordinated and implemented by talented artist, jill polsby
you can find the 118 faces of karin jurick here. 


sweet charity

"hangin'out" 12 x12 oil on canvas panel

not only does tom like to hang out... 
he believes in supporting art in our schools.

"hangin' out" has been donated to morikami park elementary in delray beach, florida. 
it is being auctioned off to raise money to support their international baccalaureate program.

 keep art alive.