sweet charity

"hangin'out" 12 x12 oil on canvas panel

not only does tom like to hang out... 
he believes in supporting art in our schools.

"hangin' out" has been donated to morikami park elementary in delray beach, florida. 
it is being auctioned off to raise money to support their international baccalaureate program.

 keep art alive.


dominique eichi said...

fabulous piece. I just love umbrellas. This one is great.

Lauren Maurer said...

I love love this one. And I'd love love to be under an umbrella at the beach right about now!

Tracie Brown said...

thanks dominique... hopefully tom can raise lots of money for my sons' wonderful school. :)

AutumnLeaves said...

Beautiful painting, Tracie. I too support art in schools. This is a wonderful donation! Methinks I'd like to be sitting in that chair myself.

Tracie Brown said...

lauren and sherry: right on! but we'd probably need a blanket... :) south florida is unbelievably cold right now... but at least the sun is shining!

thanks ladies!