16 x 16 oil on canvas

i have been driving myself crazy trying to get the photograph of this piece to exactly represent the painting. the colors are even softer and prettier in real life...   oh well, every painting looks better in person.



are you an "artist"?

recently i read an article musing over the question, when does one officially become an "artist"? i laughed to myself and thought... i was just born this way. :)

do you earn the title when you sell something?  yes. that would do it, but i believe my children are artists and they have never sold a thing. i have sold many pieces and yet still question if  i deserve the title... yes, it's what i do for a living and yes, i do believe i make art, but am i an "artist"?

that's why when people ask me what i do for a living i say, "i paint." 
the few times i have said, "i am an artist" the next question is "where can i see your work?" or "what gallery are you in?"  or my personal favorite... "where do you hang?"

does one have to hang in a gallery to be an artist?!? 
absolutely not.
one simply has to create art. 

if you have ever written a poem, played the drums, decorated a room, had a child... you are an artist.
we are all artists. what we do with that title is up to us.

"all natural"

16 x16 oil on canvas's about the only thing left in boca that is.

just kidding. :) anyway, i love how this piece turned out. it really speaks to my vision as an artist... 
realistic, simplistic and colorful.