are you an "artist"?

recently i read an article musing over the question, when does one officially become an "artist"? i laughed to myself and thought... i was just born this way. :)

do you earn the title when you sell something?  yes. that would do it, but i believe my children are artists and they have never sold a thing. i have sold many pieces and yet still question if  i deserve the title... yes, it's what i do for a living and yes, i do believe i make art, but am i an "artist"?

that's why when people ask me what i do for a living i say, "i paint." 
the few times i have said, "i am an artist" the next question is "where can i see your work?" or "what gallery are you in?"  or my personal favorite... "where do you hang?"

does one have to hang in a gallery to be an artist?!? 
absolutely not.
one simply has to create art. 

if you have ever written a poem, played the drums, decorated a room, had a child... you are an artist.
we are all artists. what we do with that title is up to us.


AutumnLeaves said...

Interesting thoughts, Tracie. I always consider myself a 'wannabe' artist.

Robin said...

I agree ..but it took me a long time to figure that out..I used to think that artists were untouchable and being one was something I could never attain...but now I an artist...and that is real...

Maria-Victoria 'vICkA' MALELA said...

that's soo true ! an Artist is somebody who makes Art ^ ^