"bamboo, birds and butterflies"

bamboo, birds and butterflies.
for roz.





"lion king"

for our friend president clinton.
he's not the REAL president clinton, but that's what we call him.
he's a beast.

"mirsky speakeasy"

a little 1920's vibe for the mirskys
who are a couple of cool cats.


 elliot mirsky's mom and pops.

 estelle mirsky's mom and pops.

"bob's sky pilot"

bob's sky pilot.
because bob is a pilot. and this is his mural.
high up in the master bathroom above the clouds.


"alex & asher."

exciting things are happening around here…

a new business is being born!

coming soon: 

alex & asher. is a modern and trendy online collection featuring cool, hip, retro rockin' kids-gear.  
it's fresh, fun fashion and stylish nursery decor for the next generation of little hipsters!

conceived, created, cultivated and illustrated 
all by yours truly.




art print
10 x 6 

it's really hard for jilly to make friends or get close to people.


"the man who shot liberty valance"

6'4 life-size painting of john wayne
protecting the entrance to this family's home movie theater.