"The Blue One"

8x8 oil on panel

Ah summertime...  This is one of my favorite paintings of one of my favorite people -- my youngest son, Mason.  I painted it awhile ago, but wanted to share it because it is a good representation of what I have been doing other than painting!  School's out, basketball camp is in full swing and  we just got back from a trip to visit the grandparents in Virginia. My little guys, whom are quickly becoming my BIG guys, have kept me very busy and out of the studio for a large part of the month. But that's okay because we are having a blast and they are so worth it.  :)

To all you daily painters, I envy you! And to all you other single mothers, I salute you.  


"Southern Veggies"

5x7 oil on panel

This is my latest submission to DSFDF.  This painting ended up being a great metaphor for life.  What I mean by that is - I wasn't going to do it at first.  I wasn't really inspired by the subject matter and have been suffering from artist's block.  I had pretty much decided to sit this one out.  Then I started looking at all the entries that were pouring in... my inspiration started to grow and I was totally loving looking at everyone's work.  My whole attitude changed.  I wanted to paint it.  I put aside everything else I was working on and just got lost in it.  And I think it actually turned out pretty good.

Sometimes the things we don't think we want to do end up being the things we are so glad we did.


6x6 oil on panel

Meet "Lucy."  She is the newest addition to my beach series.  I have a solo exhibit coming up in early Fall and I have been painting like crazy getting ready for it.  I call this painting "Lucy" because she reminds me of my neighbor, Lucy. Lucy is always out walking her two dogs, Jazz and Pumpkin, and she is truly one of a kind.  And how great is the name Lucy? That is usually how a painting gets named in my studio.  I arbitrarily come up with a name in my head for some reason or another while I am painting the piece.  It is usually how I refer to the piece to differentiate it from the others.  Sometimes my titles are really creative and sometimes it's just "Apples in a Bowl."

"Dermer Flip and Fortier Flop"

5x5 oil on canvas

Well, school's out and summer break has officially started.  Every year I paint teacher's gifts for my son's teachers. This year it was flip flops. (My best friend also commissions me every year to do hers as well- so I have been busy!) My boys go to a wonderful elementary school in Delray Beach and every year we luck out with the greatest teachers.  I would not being doing my proper job as a mother if I didn't brag a little about my two brilliant honor roll students. STRAIGHT A's for both!!  Good job guys and thanks to Ms. Dermer and Ms. Fortier for a great year.