"Southern Veggies"

5x7 oil on panel

This is my latest submission to DSFDF.  This painting ended up being a great metaphor for life.  What I mean by that is - I wasn't going to do it at first.  I wasn't really inspired by the subject matter and have been suffering from artist's block.  I had pretty much decided to sit this one out.  Then I started looking at all the entries that were pouring in... my inspiration started to grow and I was totally loving looking at everyone's work.  My whole attitude changed.  I wanted to paint it.  I put aside everything else I was working on and just got lost in it.  And I think it actually turned out pretty good.

Sometimes the things we don't think we want to do end up being the things we are so glad we did.


DEB said...

What a beautiful challenge painting!!

Claire said...

Tracie, I read your comments about the challenge and agree that seeing all of the submissions to this challenge really pumped me up too, and got the creative energy flowing - this is a great group of artists!
I love your painting - the colors are beautiful, and the whole painting has a nice, easy flow to it.

Tracie Brown said...

Thanks! It really IS a great group of artists and I love seeing everyone's work. Truly inspiring.

dominique eichi said...

I'm happy you entered . You did a great job for DSFDF

L.Holm said...

Lovely work! how did I miss this one!

Tracie Brown said...

thank you!