"The Blue One"

8x8 oil on panel

Ah summertime...  This is one of my favorite paintings of one of my favorite people -- my youngest son, Mason.  I painted it awhile ago, but wanted to share it because it is a good representation of what I have been doing other than painting!  School's out, basketball camp is in full swing and  we just got back from a trip to visit the grandparents in Virginia. My little guys, whom are quickly becoming my BIG guys, have kept me very busy and out of the studio for a large part of the month. But that's okay because we are having a blast and they are so worth it.  :)

To all you daily painters, I envy you! And to all you other single mothers, I salute you.  


fifiandlulu said...

I love this painting...I am a fan of water pics...Great job!

Anonymous said...

this is a wonderful piece great work