"Rue du Macabre"

6x8 oil on panel

Rue du macabre is french for "spooky street".
My friend said it reminded him of a street in Paris...

Believe it or not, this is my first night painting.
 I have been wanting to paint a night scene for awhile now.
Thanks to James Parker and his blog windows to the words
I got my chance. :)

Another fun artist challenge. The subject was "scary stuff".



8x8 oil on canvas panel

Dacher is german for rooftops. No, I don't speak german... but I have a friend who does. :)

and I just recently discovered a german artist named Edward B. Gordon whose work is incredible. He paints very similarly to Karin Jurick, who is one of my absolute favorites, as well as the host of the blog different strokes from different folks... 

for which "Dacher" was painted.
great challenge. loved this one...


"Mile Marker #27"

My first solo art exhibit.

Learn to paint. check. paint a bunch of stuff. check. 
sell a painting. check. sell more paintings. check. 
be part of an art exhibit. check.

SOLO SHOW!! ...check. :)

If you are in the Delray Beach area come check it out. 
The exhibit is up now and runs through the end of November.



9x12 oil on canvas panel

This is Daphne. Daphne knows anything boys can do, 
she can do better. 

After weeks of having everyone in my house taking turns with the flu, we are all finally back in action! 

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